Human Factors Training

Stop Small Problems becoming Catastrophes

U.S. Medical errors reduced from 250,000 deaths annually through Human Factors

Flying accident rate down from 50 annually to near zero through Human Factors

Stop problems becoming catastrophes - what will Human Factors do for you?

U.S. Medical errors reduced from 250,000 deaths annually through Human Factors

Flying accident rate down from 50 annually to near zero through Human Factors

Stop problems becoming catastrophes - what will Human Factors do for you?

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80% of accidents are the result of human error - Human Factors examines the interface between humans, processes, systems and the environment.

Technical solutions cover up fundamental issues but only Human Factors and Human Performance Training can make change permanent and effective. Change is certain - prepare for it or be left behind.

At AAHP we have a range of tools to address these factors at the individual, job and organisation level. We are experts in the application (as well as the theory) and have witnessed the transformative effect of Human Factors within Aviation, where the fatal accident rate was reduced from nearly 50 per year to near zero.

We use our unique Performance Indicator Assessment which highlights both individual and team competencies in the nine key areas that will eliminate error and ensure performance.

How do you measure up?

Maintain your competitive advantage! Those who stand out with strong skillset of competencies find themselves in the best positions; what are your superpowers? At Ad Astra Human Performance, we challenge the status quo, and our unique assessment tool is no exception. If you book a training course with us, your colleagues will be given a free access code to take the assessment before and after training. This will enhance their self-awareness and confirm their progress which means you only receive needed, measured training across your organisation with provable results.

Pandemics, globalisation, digitalisation, economic crises, corporate social responsibilities, environmental issues and instant communication, all demand qualities in a workforce that are agile and robust so we must continue to adapt to our changing world. We help you achieve this change and leave you with control of your future.

What is Human Factors?

This is a science; it recognises and develops a set of skills that we all inherently have that allow us to think and act logically, rather than letting our emotional instincts control us. This stops small problems becoming big problems and big problems becoming catastrophes.

What will our Programmes do for you?

Increase efficiency & Inspire Commitment

Colleagues become more productive and more engaged with their company, while their company enjoys increased profits and an agile workforce.
Our tools inspire your colleagues to realise their human potential, enhancing performance and effectiveness as a team member while creating a powerful new company culture. This brings improved reputation, better productivity, plus greater harmony and contentment in the workforce.

We help you clear the path direct to your goals. We present our powerful tools in an enlightening, exciting and hard-hitting way, supplemented by ongoing developmental support customised to your needs. Our trainers are current or former Pilots, Training Captains and Human Factors specialists who have expertise in this field and direct experience of the positive change this course will bring.

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What are Human Factors Competencies?

Competencies are the nine areas of human behaviour which govern the level at which we perform. The better we display these, the less we are prone to error. Human Factors is the study and application of Human Performance and Limitations which results in consistently reliable processes. AAHP trains you to bring all nine areas to the fore. You can read more by clicking below.

Human Factors Training saved Global Aviation - What will it do for you?

40 years ago Airlines faced a catastrophic 50+ hull losses each year - 80% of the solution was through Human Factors Training - Only 20% was technical. Human Factors was developed by NASA and refined over many years by experts worldwide. Ad Astra was founded by Airline Pilots who are professionals in this field, to bring these hard-won new tools to all sectors of the economy. We combine Human Factors Training with Human Performance coaching and our unique online assessment.

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