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Developed by NASA, HF is a revolution in the science of people. It is evidence-based with a proven track record of success, reducing global airliner losses from 50 each year to virtually none
We apply the nine key HF skills that eliminate error and balance your teams based on what they do best. We continue development support and make your training completely verifiable by re-testing at the end of the process
Your teams align with your organisational values and feel more engaged - conflict is replaced with collaboration to reach common goals
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Aviation has been made 50 times safer since the introduction of Human Factors training

The results are astonishing - what will it do for your organisation?

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"A simply Outstanding Course"

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Our 16 hour face-to-face courses can be spread over two days or more to suit your team's availability - it counts for 16 hours of annual CPD requirement and the Assessment counts as one.

This utterly transformational course gives you the knowledge to design and implement your own solutions to your unique challenges, embedding an enthusiasm within your organisation to create the perfect learning culture - one with eternal curiosity to seek out and eliminate error: one which feeds the lessons back into the organisational training cycle.

You do the course just once but keep the benefits for ever. We continue to mentor you and your teams as much as you need or wish and every course is backed up by a tailored program of critical learning reinforcement.

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What our clients say;

What an amazing day spent with Ad Astra Human Performance and the Senior Team at Valley Park School today. It was so refreshing to see a school learning from other industries to focus on core Human Competencies to improve leadership and performance. Human Competencies rather than leadership standards is such a forward way of thinking. Today was just the start and really looking forward to seeing this evolve.

Sharon Waterman

Thought provoking and challenging day with colleagues from @endeavourlt understanding Human Performance thanks to Josh, Steve & Peter at Ad Astra

Joanna Bacon

Senior Leaders in our Trust have been blown away with their training so far. A refreshing & dynamic approach indeed.

Lesley Gwinnett

Thank you for your email and also for yesterday which we have all been buzzing about today. We almost played Ad Astra bingo today as many of us were using terminology that was part of the training!!!

Kim Gunn

Fantastic to get our senior leaders together for such a pivotal day, building the team & really challenging thinking & action.... Fabulous.

Endeavour Learning Trust

The CPD training we received from AdAstra was simply outstanding. Being given the chance to discuss human competencies with colleagues brought about so many solutions to long standing issues that we had not had the skill set to combat. Training helped facilitate discussion that gave each of our middle leaders the common language and toolkit that meant we could more efficient in dealing with the challenges. It was brilliant to come together and give concrete examples of how we've been able to use these resources to improve our communications and Develop stronger relationships in the work place.

Today was up there with one of the best training days I have attended. Thanks also to Josh. Steve and Peter.

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Click the image to see and download our three page PDF explanation of Human Factors and its application to organisations like yours.

There is no requirement to give us contact details - it is totally free - we hope you'll find it useful.

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Ad Astra Human Performance Ltd is accredited by the CPD Standards Office

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