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We take two approaches to instilling human factors and human performance training - The Integrated Professional Development Path (IPDP) and the Modular Course where you can choose the factors you wish to work on.

With both paths we offer our unique online assessments free (with instant feedback) to match individual competencies with those required by your teams - we assess you beforehand to find the best start point and also afterwards to verify training delivery.

Only AAHP offers this verifiable progress and performance tool so you can see what you have achieved, and we stay with you as long as you need us.
ASSESS - Start from where you are
We test you and your team using our unique online assessment, which gives instant feedback in each of the nine Human Factors/Human Performance Competencies.

DEVELOP – Inspire individual Growth
This involves training Human Factors concepts and facilitative learning of the core competencies and wellbeing topics.

IMPLEMENT – Instil Motivation
Using performance-based coaching techniques, we help individuals to recognise their strengths, develop their competencies, and implement these skills as working practices.

The Integrated Professional Development Path - IPDP

Our Industry leading Training and Development Programme has been developed over many years of research and practice by pilots, human factors trainers and performance coaches, who collectively have 80 years of knowledge and experience in the field.

The Modular Program - Human Factors & Performance Training

We have taken the Development Sequence from the integrated programme and created a modular coaching pathway, using the same coaching techniques to provide the greatest opportunity for personal and professional development.

Flexibility is key

We recognise that every situation is different and we are completely flexible in both timing and delivery of our courses and modules. We can deliver the complete IPDP in two days of face-to-face coaching, or split this into individual whole or half days, and for larger organisations we can train in 2 hour blocks per group, managing 4 groups within the day. We can also deliver the material online, in whole or in part. We are committed to catering for your needs.

The Outcome

• Conflict will be replaced with cooperation and contentment
• Silos will be replaced with an open and honest working culture
• Blame will be replaced with self-evaluation and learning
• Resistance will be replaced with self-motivation
• Improved communication will lead to greater collaboration
• Protective barriers will be removed as motivated teams are built
• Establishing a motivated team will create higher levels of engagement
• Improved engagement will lead to a higher performing workforce
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