Human Factors in Healthcare

A measurable revolution in the science of people

In its basic form, this is all about survival. If you do not adapt, the world will continue to change around you. The cultural DNA of an organisation is critical to its success, from operational efficiency and improved patient safety to greater levels of staff retention with breakthroughs in innovation.

For this positive change to be experienced, there needs to be a shift towards an open culture where blame is replaced by balanced accountability with the opportunity to learn and develop from errors, mistakes and encountered threats. Only after this 'Just Culture' has been formed can patient safety truly be improved. Hospitals and healthcare providers should aspire to become Highly Reliable Organisations (HROs), as it is these that lead the way in this revolution of Just Culture.

The drive within HROs for error-free high performance in complex, hazardous and high-pressure environments demands new and innovative approaches. The consequences of an error could be so catastrophic that measurable phases and behaviours have to be developed and implemented to avoid or manage errors appropriately. The key to solving these problems and establishing positive change is already present: people. By adopting these human and psychological competencies dramatic improvements in performance, safety and productivity occur.

What does this mean for healthcare?

Far too frequently hospitals and hospital trusts find themselves mitigating the effects of errors or mismanaged threats while healthcare colleagues remain under an immense amount of pressure on a daily basis. We must continue to find ways of improving patient safety and ensure accountability is balanced.

Human Beings are fallible, but targeted Human Performance training and development will reduce fallibility, reduce error and enable colleagues to perform with strength and resilience. This programme takes healthcare colleagues on a journey that will re-ignite motivation from within and allow them to establish a strong sense of self-awareness and responsibility. Positive fundamental change will occur as a result of this.

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